Door repairs in Long Beach

Are you thinking about selling your property and need your home to be in perfect condition throughout? Have you invested in new solid wood doors and need to keep them in optimal condition? Or are you simply tired of seeing that unsightly hole in your door?

Whatever the reason, don’t embark on a task that is best left to the professionals.

Professional Door Repairs from LB Handyman on Demand

While most people think that door repair is a piece of cake easily handled on a Sunday afternoon with a glass of red in hand, in reality there’s a lot of factors that come into play to achieve a perfect result.
For instance, the maintenance requirements of your doors may vary depending upon the frequency of use, the environmental conditions in your area, the exposure of the door to moisture and sunlight, its location in the house (indoor or outdoor), and the products used to manufacture and finish it. Also, if the factory finish of the door has not been carefully maintained or repaired, the surface will begin to fail, and eventually might require a full refinishing.

So, if your door has been damaged by a child, a pet, furniture, etc. or if you see any signs of dulling or unnaturally raised grain, you should consider calling the expert team of handy men and door repairers at LB Handy man on Demand.

Providing comprehensive door repair services to residential and commercial clients for over 15 years, LB Handyman on Demand has always delivered work of the highest standards at affordable prices.
Our highly skilled door repairs team have been trained in repairing a wide range of doors. That’s why, you should not attempt to patch up or fix that door on your own and should leave it in the hands of those that would know exactly what it takes to maintain the natural lustre and beauty of your door.

What type of door repairs can we assist you with? Anything and everything, really, including:

  • Rot, weather and sunlight damaged,
  • New door hardware installation, 
  • Damaged surfaces, 
  • Corroding or damaged hinges, 
  • Door Opener Problems
  • Broken Door Springs,
  • Broken Door Cables
  • Worn Door Rollers,
  • Doors Off Track/Crooked Door, 
  • Noisy Doors, 
  • Tilt doors, 
  • Sensors, 
  • Frames
  • And many others. 

So, if you are in need of urgent door repair, you have two options. Go to your nearest DIY store on your free day (when you could be surfing in the beach or having a good time with your friends) and start buying all the equipment you need – from carpenter’s glue, to a handsaw, wood filler, sandpaper, wood primer, wood filler, c-clamps, spray foam insulation, etc. etc. Then, go back home and try to figure out how to do the best door repair job possible.

Or alternatively, you could leisurely give us a call today on 1-800-408-9372 and request an obligation free quote from our very friendly operator. At a suitable time to you, our very professional team of handy men will knock at your door, get the door fixed as per your instructions, and clean up after them.

Which one sounds better?

Thought so.

Trust L B Handy Man on Demand to upkeep your smart investment.